What I Read

I was speaking to a group earlier this week and someone asked me about my reading habits. I get this question somewhat frequently, and it's not an easy one to answer. My belief is that you have to start with things that you have a passionate interest in, and then see where that takes you. I have tried to force myself to read certain things/topics through the years, and it always fails, due to lack of sincere interest. This being said, I have developed a few consistent reading habits over the years, and here is a summary.

I find alot of my reading on Twitter. Here is who I follow. But again, follow people/things that interest you, to maximize your reading/learning. I use Pocket to save reading for later.

Wall Street Journal
Financial Times

The High Tech Strategist

GMO Letter
Greenlight Capital Letter

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report
JPMorgan Chase Annual Report
Amazon Annual Report

People I Read About (or watch any speech they give)
Jim Chanos
Warren Buffett
Jamie Dimon
Howard Marks
Bob Iger
John Legere
Nick Saban
Urban Meyer
Jim Rogers
Ray Dalio
Clay Christensen
Nelson Peltz
Malcolm Gladwell
Bill Gurley
Mark Cuban
Marc Andreesen
Michael Mauboussin

Companies I Read About
3G Capital
Berkshire Hathaway
JPMorgan Chase

I try to read 1 book per week. Typically do not succeed. Here are my recent books read:

The Spirit of St. Louis (reading now)
Shoe Dog
Hellhound on His Trail
Monetizing Innovation
Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart
Extreme Ownership
American Icon
Double Your Profits in 6 months or less
Sam Walton: Made in America
Ben Franklin
A Short History of Nearly Everything
This Time It's Different
Medici Effect
The Hard Thing About Hard Things
MONEY Master the Game
The New Kingmakers
Franklin Barbecue
The Outsiders
Dream Big
10% Happier
The Everything Store
Nearing Home
The Year Without Pants
The Tao of Chip Kelly
The Leaders Code
The Energy Bus
Currency Wars
How Will You Measure You Life
Dethroning the King
Fooling Some People All of the Time

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