The 4th Dimension of Enterprise Software

Charles and Miranda first met in art school in 1979. Over time, they realized a shared passion for handwork and the elegance of handmade objects for the home. Today, Charles Shackleton Furniture and Miranda Thomas Pottery, the workshops that comprise ShackletonThomas, consist of a group of individuals who share their philosophy.

Charles and Miranda think about 4 elements when creating an object:

1) Design- the shape, decoration, functionality, and style.

2) Materials- they select the best and most beautiful materials for design.

3) Craftsmanship- the precision, finesse, and functionality for how an object is put together.

4) The Fourth Dimension- “this is the element of design caused when the object is made by human hand or a tool directly controlled by human hand. All are imperfect, like the human that created it. But, the imperfections are beautiful.”

The fourth dimension is the crucial and final aspect that makes a piece of art truly great. “This is what gives life and soul to the inanimate object.”


Every incumbent player in the enterprise software market is facing a 4th dimension challenge. The first 3 dimensions are the nearly the same for everyone; it’s how they invest their R&D/SG&A across serving users, their existing clients/products, and a platform for the future.

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