iPad Pro: Going All-in

Here is my tweet from a few weeks back:

I have given it a go, going all-in with the iPad Pro. In short, I believe I have discovered the future of personal computing. That being said, in order to do this, you truly have to change the way you work; how you spend your time, how you communicate, etc. But, it's worth it and will probably make you a better professional. I knew I was hooked, when I had to go back to my MacBook for something and I started touching the screen; the touch interface had been ingrained in my work.

Here are my quick observations:

1) The speed of the iPad Pro is unbelievable. While I didn't realize this in advance, this fact alone makes up for a lot of the reasons why I could never move to an iPad before.

2) You have to master multitasking in the iPad Pro in order to make the switch. There are a lot of shortcuts on the screen, keyboard shortcuts, and hand gestures. If you are not using them, you will not understand the advantage of this form factor.

3) Keyboard shortcuts are now available for my corporate mail. That's a big time saver.

4) I never have to worry about a power cable. The battery on this is great, but even if it gets low, nearly everyone I know has a compatible charger.

5) The integration of apps on the Pro is tremendous: Box/Office, Slack, etc.

6) It goes without saying that the Pro is super light and convenient for travel.

7) Here are some things I can't do on the iPad Pro:
- Renew Global Entry
- Corporate workflow (forms and expenses)
- Blogging (writing is easy, but posting to corporate blog or even Blogger is very hard). I'm not sure why there is not a good app for this.

8) I got the smaller version of the iPad Pro. I thought the large one was just too big. It seems like the ideal size may be a size in between the two.

In short, after a few weeks, I highly recommend. You can make the switch, but you'll likely need a laptop once a week or so, for some of the items mentioned above. I haven't really gotten into the Apple Pencil yet. I've used it a couple times and may try it more over the next couple weeks.


  1. K - that review pushed me over the edge - been working on a MacBook pro, was looking at the iPad Pro as an alternative but hadn't heard from anyone. - Rajesh

  2. I've been operating on an iPad only for a year and a half now. So long as you have the right accessories it is entirely possible for most people short of anyone who has to do network/IT related jobs.

    There are some great USB-to-Lightning USB sticks out now that allow for storage of files. There is a great file manager app called Documents by Readdle that allows for Finder like functionality. Keyboard shortcuts and multitasking have sped along the process now. I work in music so I even do my recordings a lot on my ipad pro 12-inch. The very rare times when i need to access a computer, i use the app "Parallels Access" to log into a networked machine at home and this actually allows for almost seamless workflow for the few things that cant be done an ipad pro at this time. The ability to make the ipad a laptop replacement all comes down to your ability to customize it to your needs with the right apps and accessories.