12 Attributes of a Great Leader: #2 Running Teams

The hardest thing for a new manager/leader to adjust to is being the pace setter. Once you assume the role of a leader, your job is to be on offense, not defense. I see even the greatest individual contributors struggle with this at times, because their success has been defined by doing everything that is asked of them. However, once you assume the manager role, you must become the one setting the direction and sparking activity. And, it can't just be activity for activity sake; it has to be thoughtful, pointed, and focused. This is the notion of a thoughtful management system.

In this podcast, I am joined by a great leader, Derek Schoettle, who was the CEO of Cloudant, before joining IBM via acquisition. We discuss how effective managers run teams, set pace, and foster open communication. 3 major topics are covered:

1) Committing to a course: No sudden, jerky movements and how to establish consistency in communication patterns.

2) The Rockefeller Habits: Set priorities (1-5), manage key metrics/data, and establish a rhythm.

3) Conducting 1-on-1's: Using formal and informal approaches to communicate for impact.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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