Thoughts for the New Year

While there is nothing magical about a single day in the year, the New Year does trigger a moment of reflection on personal continuous improvement. As the saying goes,

"Each day you can either get better or get worse. There's no staying the same. What will it be today?"

I read this post recently and thought it had a lot of good ideas. Three of the things that stuck with me are a) Being busy is a form of laziness, and b) Focus on effective instead of efficient (The difference is being outcome focused) and c) Planning what needs to be done (and setting aside time to do so).

With that context, and borrowing some ideas from the post, here are 5 goals for the New Year:

1) Each Friday, I'll write down the 3 outcomes that I must achieve for the upcoming week. Not tasks, but outcomes.

2) I'm going to set up an email rule to move all emails that I am cc'd on to a dedicated folder. I'll check that only once a day.

3) I'll reduce my number of information sources, but read more. I probably need to find some more challenging books.

4) For thoughts/direction that apply to many people, I'll reply via blog, instead of email.

5) I'll commit to three Pomodoro's a day.


  1. Hey Rob, Re item 3 - "The Art of Possibility" should be the first book on your list. Highly recommend it.

  2. I like the idea about reading more, but becoming choosy about the sources. Here's a book I'm looking forward to reading this year: Zero to One:

  3. was a great book.