IBM Big Data in 2012

I am very pleased with the progress that we made on Big Data in 2011. A huge team of folks have come together in IBM, to deliver on the promise of Big Data for our clients. To highlight a few accomplishments from 2011:

1) We did multiple releases of a core set of products, setting off the arms race to bring Big Data to the Enterprise.

2) We released a reference book, demonstrating that we have real success, with clients, on this topic. There are fewer companies that can reference true big data success, than is generally imagined.

3) We have built the largest big data ecosystem in the industry.

4) We acquired some key players in and around Big Data, bolstering our capabilities.

And, we are just getting started. 2012 will bring new partnerships, capabilities, and our ultimate goal: delighted clients.

For now, here is some the high level messaging that we have developed, as we have listened to clients/partners over the last year. In short: Hadoop is important, noSQL is important, analytics is important, management consoles are important...but, you need them all to have a true Big Data Platform.

If you are interested in a more detailed version of what we are doing, feel free to comment below, or reach me on twitter/linked-in.

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