Big Data in Real-Time

There is so much focus on the notion of data size (volume) and data types (variety) in the conversations on Big Data...a critical third leg of the stool is often mission: Velocity. Said a different way, the capability to deliver streaming analytics and answer questions in real-time.

We have a simplistic view on the market need here: As clients are able to get better answers based on Big Data, they will logically demand that they get those answers faster and on a continuous basis. Therefore, a Big Data solution that does not include this capability does not address the full use cases (in many/most instances).

Here is a screen demo of IBM BigInsights working with IBM InfoSphere Streams to monitor a data stream in real-time, kick-off analytics in BigInsights to assess the source of the issue, and then deliver the results back to make the on-going real-time analysis more intelligent.

You can find other videos now and in the future on the IBM Big Data channel here.

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